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E-Clip is Marko Radovanovic, a music producer and DJ from Serbia, who has been active on the electronic dance music scene for the past two decades. Marko’s primary genre is progressive psytrance, and he is touring worldwide playing this music. He has devoted a great amount of time to gaining and developing studio skills for electronic dance music production, which many know already by the numerous albums, EPs and singles he has released in the last two decades.

Marko has produced many types of EDM genres since 2002, when he started producing music, including progressive house, tech-house, techno and chill-out.

Marko's passion for music production has led him to start running a YouTube channel with plenty of educational videos. Marko then started making online courses that are available on his website, along with the online shop in which you can find products for creating EDM music, such as templates, preset packs, sample packs and more.

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