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Nick Sireau

Nick Sireau

Event manager

Nick Sireau (aka NIXIRO) is a psytrance producer and DJ from Cambridge, UK, inspired and trained by his mentors Inner State and E-Clip.

He developed his musical abilities as a keyboard player and lead guitarist before switching to psytrance production, which is his passion. Nick runs two monthly club nights where he lives in Cambridge: Transmission, which plays progressive house, melodic techno and psytrance; and God Dropped Acid, which plays all sorts of psychedelic dance music, from psychill, psydub and psytech to progressive, full-on, forest, dark and hi-tech psytrance.

Nick has a monthly radio show on DMT FM called God Dropped DMT, where he plays his favourite progressive and full-on psytrance tracks.

Nick’s day job is as Chair and CEO of the AKU Society, a medical charity that is developing treatments for Alkaptonuria (AKU), the ultra rare genetic disease affecting two of his boys, and as Founder and Chair of Orchard OCD, a medical charity that funds research into new treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a devastating mental illness.

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